Building Cisco’s PaaS with Mantl

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Note: This is a cross post from Cisco’s cloud blog.

We blogged about the alpha launch of Shipped back in June, but today I want to talk about the service it relies on: Mantl.


Memcached on Mesos

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Scaling Memcached clusters is kind of a pain. Because it’s consistently hashed, clients all need to know about new cache instances and you can’t scale up or down too quickly without blowing your entire cache.

I took a couple evenings after Mesosphere’s MesosCon to solve this problem by building out a Memcached auto-scaling...

Best of MesosCon 2015

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Hundreds of strategists and practitioners showed up for MesosCon in Seattle last week. Trailblazers like Apple, Paypal, Twitter and AirBnB shared some great developmental and operational experiences with a crowd of hundreds. The major tech players like IBM and Microsoft were there too, expanding their datacenter-scheduling...

Why work at Must Win?

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How Must Win provides an unparalleled work experience for its employees

“Why would I want to work at a consultancy?” a candidate once asked me.

I smiled and calmly explained,...

Winning with Code2040

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How the hiring crunch and diversity issues in tech are related, and how we can begin to overcome them.

Silicon Valley and Internet startups are all the rage these days, but not long ago this was not the case. The .com bubble’s burst, following the hype and hysteria of the boom in the late 90's, left most people believing that...

Cassandra From a Relational World

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Lessons I Learned the First Time Around

On a recent project, we decided that, instead of a standard RDBMS, we would use Cassandra. As a developer who, throughout my career, has made plentiful use of all the standard RDBMSs in use by web applications today, I was excited to learn something new. Not only was Cassandra a new...

Shipping Cisco’s “Shipped”

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Why Shipped is awesome for developers and how Must Win helped ship it

Cisco’s Shipped

Cisco Announced the Alpha Launch of their new service, Shipped, at their yearly Cisco Live event in San Diego this week. Developers can get their application running locally and deployed in production using tools they use...

Tips I've learned working at a consultancy

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The biggest challenge of working at a consultancy is working on many projects at the same time and dealing with context switching between them.

On any given week, I will work on 3–6 projects. To deal with so many projects happening in parallel, it is critical to develop a few skills that make everyone’s life easier. These skills...

Your company WILL be a software company

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In short, software is eating the world.
—Marc Andreessen

Industries that don’t adopt software die. They’re overtaken by more efficient organizations or completely displaced by disruptive new technologies.

At this point, there are countless examples:

Media distribution (news, music, movies) was revolutionized by...

Benchmarking Riak

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Performance Under Pressure


We test Riak 2.0 to get an idea of performance characteristics under different workloads and use cases: cluster expansion, cluster contraction, node failure, memory resident, non-memory resident, rate-limited, and with strong consistency enabled. We’ll be at Ricon later this...