Building Cisco’s PaaS with Mantl

Must Win

Note: This is a cross post from Cisco’s cloud blog.

We blogged about the alpha launch of Shipped back in June, but today I want to talk about the service it relies on: Mantl.


Memcached on Mesos

Must Win

Scaling Memcached clusters is kind of a pain. Because it’s consistently hashed, clients all need to know about new cache instances and you can’t scale up or down too quickly without blowing your entire cache.

I took a couple evenings after Mesosphere’s MesosCon to solve this problem by building out a Memcached auto-scaling...

Best of MesosCon 2015

Must Win

Hundreds of strategists and practitioners showed up for MesosCon in Seattle last week. Trailblazers like Apple, Paypal, Twitter and AirBnB shared some great developmental and operational experiences with a crowd of hundreds. The major tech players like IBM and Microsoft were there too, expanding their datacenter-scheduling...