Service discovery and load balancing with Hashicorp’s Nomad

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In our last post, navigating the Kubernetes/Mesos/Docker Swarm Jungle, we discussed a young contender, Nomad. This week we’re diving into Nomad in more detail. As with most things from Hashicorp, it’s based on the latest research and the APIs are very well-designed. There is still some assembly required, and load balancing is one of...

A Handy Guide to the Mesos-Kubernetes-Swarm Jungle

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How to choose the best container orchestrator for you

Like Marc Andreesen said, “Software is eating the world” so now all companies regardless of their age, size, or industry are transitioning into software companies.

As these company’s software organizations mature, they will need to change the way they think about their Software...

PostOps >> DevOps

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MustWin started as a PostOps company.
It’s a mindset we’d like to share with our clients.
In order to explain the philosophy, we have to start
with a little history.

What is DevOps?

From the beginning

(Feel free to skip this section if you’re familiar)

The operational complexity of early computers was immense by...