Service discovery and load balancing with Hashicorp’s Nomad

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In our last post, navigating the Kubernetes/Mesos/Docker Swarm Jungle, we discussed a young contender, Nomad. This week we’re diving into Nomad in more detail. As with most things from Hashicorp, it’s based on the latest research and the APIs are very well-designed. There is still some assembly required, and load balancing is one of...

Winning as a developer

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This post was originally written for Must Win developers. It outlines the traits we look at to identify and promote Winners within our organization. It’s based on traits we’ve identified in our best developers.
Despite being oriented at Must Win employees, embodying these principals will help developers in any real world workplace to...

Your company WILL be a software company

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In short, software is eating the world.
—Marc Andreessen

Industries that don’t adopt software die. They’re overtaken by more efficient organizations or completely displaced by disruptive new technologies.

At this point, there are countless examples:

Media distribution (news, music, movies) was revolutionized by...

Benchmarking Riak

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Performance Under Pressure


We test Riak 2.0 to get an idea of performance characteristics under different workloads and use cases: cluster expansion, cluster contraction, node failure, memory resident, non-memory resident, rate-limited, and with strong consistency enabled. We’ll be at Ricon later this...

Losing Religion

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How MustWin Weighs Our Tech

We like to think of ourselves as “technology agnostic” at Must Win. All too often a programmer’s career is defined by the flavor-of-the-week tools they adopt. Suddenly they are “the Ruby on Rails expert” and in order to preserve and elevate their own position they become evangelists,...

PostOps >> DevOps

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MustWin started as a PostOps company.
It’s a mindset we’d like to share with our clients.
In order to explain the philosophy, we have to start
with a little history.

What is DevOps?

From the beginning

(Feel free to skip this section if you’re familiar)

The operational complexity of early computers was immense by...