• Great Benefits,
    Competitive Salaries

    Top-notch coverage, 20 vacation days every year, two fully-paid company trips, one paid trip to the domestic conference of your choosing, and much more.

  • Flexible,
    Remote Friendly

    Want to live in Hawaii? Aloha! We only require 4 hours of overlap with our core hours every day so long as you're meeting your hourly commitments to the team.

  • Strong Values,
    Diversity Driven

    We truly believe in treating people well and fostering a culture that values different backgrounds and ideas. Thinking differently is a competitive advantage, afterall.

"We wanted to build a company that we'd want to work for...And I think when we set out to do that we managed to build something really cool for everyone."

– Wil Everts, Founder and Principal

Lead Developer

We're looking for an end-to-end engineer to lead teams of all-stars on client projects for some of the hottest brands in the tech scene. If you enjoy the challenge of building new things every day, then we want to talk to you.

We're looking for someone with:

Experience providing strategic engineering solutions for difficult business objectives
Expertise in back end development in modern environments (like Ruby on Rails, GoLang, and/or Node.js), and common database needs (like Postgres)
Proficiency with JavaScript frameworks like Angular (our favorite these days), Backbone, etc
Strong communication and project management skills

Sr. Designer/UI Developer

We’re looking for a hybrid designer and front end developer that can design in browser (HTML/CSS over PSD if a web app.) All Star design skills required. The more advanced your front end skills are the better.

We're looking for someone with:

Tenacity to solve new and sometimes tricky design problems
Expertise in Web and Mobile Design for Consumer and Enterprise apps
Proficiency sketching low-fi flows and wire frames, designing in browser (HTML/CSS) rather than PSD-first web apps
Professional to Advanced Photoshop, HTML, CSS, and Javascript chops
Familiar templating Ruby on Rails apps (Node.js, etc are a plus)
Superhuman collaboration skills and the discipline to work remotely

Lead Designer

We're looking for an experienced UX and Graphic Designer who takes a holistic approach to projects and wants to help us create a world class design organization. You will work with our founders and development teams to create better-than-imagined applications and MVPs.

We're looking for someone with:

A user-first, product-centric, simplicity at all costs approach to design
Experience designing for established consumer and enterprise applictions
Above-average writing abilities, that likes to blog, give talks, and mentor other designers and developers
Superhuman communication and collaboration skills

Junior Engineer

We're looking for a future star that wants to be thrown into the deep end, learn new technology in a fast paced environement, and solve new problems every single day! If your dream is to become one of the best then you want to learn from the best. Join us!

We're looking for someone with:

The ability to find answers to problems and the savy to know when they should ask for help
Has experience with common web technologies like HTML, CSS, and Javascript (jQuery, Angular, etc)
Has experience with Ruby on Rails, Golang, or Mobile (iOS or Android)
Strong communication skills and the discipline to work remotely