2014 Client Survey Report

By the end of 2014, Must Win had worked on over 50 projects for more than 30 companies in our two years in business. We’ve delivered those projects at 7% under budget on average and more than 70% of our clients re-engaged us within 12 months.

So, in December we reached out to our past clients asking them to fill out a survey. We asked them to rate our core skills (from Below Average to Best in Breed), tell us what they loved about working with us, and how likely they were to refer us to a friend or colleague (the NetPromoterScore question.) These are the complete results of that survey.

  1. Worse than Avg
  2. Average
  3. Better than Avg
  4. Best in Breed
  5. Product Concept
  6. UX Design
  7. Front End Dev


Companies love us because we have an enormous passion for their products. We only hire designers and developers who we believe are extremely product-focused. This means our clients have people whose main objective isn’t just to do what we were asked to do, but a team that will also advise them on how we think they can improve the product we’re helping them build.

  1. Worse than Avg
  2. Average
  3. Better than Avg
  4. Best in Breed
  5. Technical Skill
  6. iOS Dev
  7. Back End Dev


Must Win has a seasoned engineering team at its core. We've used a wide array of technologies so we're adept at helping companies chose the right stack for their project, and we can hop into active projects quickly while improving their product's performance and code maintainability. We’ve worked with clients in Ruby, Node, Java, Python, Golang, Objective C, Swift, and more. We’ve worked on apps with MySQL, Postgresql, MongoDB, Riak, Redis and various other databases. If you need help on a modern application, we probably have experts who are comfortable using your technologies of choice.

  1. Worse than Avg
  2. Average
  3. Better than Avg
  4. Best in Breed
  5. Communication
  6. Responsiveness
  7. Overall Value
  8. Overall Cost

Customer Service

Must Win strives to be a Service Oriented Company. To us, this means finding ways to communicate better, maintaining unrivaled project transparency, rapidly and empathetically dealing with issues that arise, and offering high-touch collaborative experiences to our customers (like our "Hack Week" offering.)

We see our relationship with each of our clients as a partnership. As such, we strive to live by the "Golden Rule" in our dealings with companies big and small.

"What was best about working with Must Win?"

Our Net Promoter Score: 85

The NetPromoter system is based on the idea that every company’s customers can be divided into Promoters, Passives, and Detractors. Customers rate their likelihood of recommending your company. Promoters (9-10) count toward your score, Passives (7-8) do not, while Detractors (the rest) count against it. Then your total is averaged by the number of responses.

Our 2014 score of 85 ranks in the top 7th percentile of all companies worldwide with an average customer response of 9.4 out of 10!

  • “The team is so fast and responsive. Bugs and tweaks were fixed or completed the same day that they were reported in most cases.”–  Anonymous Client, 2014 Survey Taker

  • “They were very responsive to our issues when we identified glitches. They understood the urgency of our needs and worked to rectify problems.”–  Anonymous Client, 2014 Survey Taker

  • “The best part about working with Must Win was how easy their team integrated into our process. It was like we added another team member that had been building our tech for years.”–  Anonymous Client, 2014 Survey Taker

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Our team was founded by early Yammer engineers with a shared ethos of rapid, product-focused, design and development followed by measurement and informed iteration. Since then we’ve added some of Silicon Valley’s brightest engineering and design stars to our roster to provide the best team possible for a wide array of project needs and technology stacks.

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